Thursday, March 11, 2010

Government Of The People, By The Real Estate People, For The Real Estate People.

  This country which is supposed be run by a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Sadly it is observable that it is not, but is rather a government of the people, by the real estate people, for the real estate people.  Or isn't land grabs by eminent domain for private developer profit really wonderful fellow Americans?

  Daniel Goldstein, his wife, Shabnam Merchant and their daughter Sita, will receive a formal eviction notice soon because the go-ahead in the Atlantic Yards Brooklyn neighborhood land grab by Forest City Ratner seems to be at hand.

  Shamefully, Bruce Ratner’s $5 billion Atlantic Yards project can move forward after a New York state Supreme Court justice last week rejected a group of building owners’ and tenants’ challenge of the state’s use of eminent domain. Their legal fight against the project, documenting the condemnation was not for a public benefit but for lining the pockets of a private developer with riches, lasted six very long years.

  The Empire State Development Corporation, the N Y State agency seizing the land, has now announced permanent street closures t begin this week.

  The decision was a blow to all who opposed the Ratner boondoggle, perhaps none more visible than my son Daniel Goldstein, the six plus year long lone holdout in his Pacific Street condominium located center court in the arena to be in the huge 22-acre footprint that will bring first a basketball arena as the home for the New Jersy Nets, fittingly the worst team in NBA history and eventually, supposedly, a dozen plus skyscrapers adjacent to what is already Brooklyn's most crowded with traffic intersctions at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. What will be the closest thing to hell on wheels will be the traffic jams at that intersection when an event is scheduled at the arena; as if he traffic jams today aren't bad enough. Of course about no one attends Net games in New Jersey now so maybe given the teams specialty --losing games -- it will not attract New Yorkers to the area in Brooklyn.  Brooklyn after all suffers no fools, or losers, other than its foolish politicians.

  “Our state government, long mired in corruption and scandal, has bent over backwards to give Bruce Ratner whatever he wants, including my home, and the homes of other citizens,” said my son Daniel Goldstein. He is besides a key nemisis of  Ratner, unfortuanately also a victim; he is also the spokesman for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. Sadly this Daniel could only slow, not slay this Goliath this time.
  Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, cheered the decision as paving the way for the first professional sports team in the borough in 53 years. Some team! Bums but no way will they be welcomed as successors to "Dem Brooklyn Dodger Bums" who broke thier fans hearts. These bums only broke the backs of residents of a wonderful neighborhood which stood up to three NY Governors, Pataki and dem bums Sptzer and Patterson, dem bums in the NY State Legisalature, numerous agencies and commissions and the term unlimited Mayor of NY City, Mr. Bloomberg and his City Council.

  Amazing to me is how so many Americans are all just marching merrily along like sheep to the slaughter to the tune of a government of the people, by the real estate people, for the real estate people.


  1. Sadly, this has nothing to do with real estate people, but the power of government. As you expand the power of government, everyone has to play, because they are powerful enough to help or hurt you. That is why we have lobbyists.

    You want government to stop doing favors for specific groups and industries? Want government to stop taking actions which hurt certain people or groups or interests? Reduce the power of that government.

    Liberals and Democrats just don't understand the connection. Any governmental power that can do GOOD for some/all can also do BAD for some/all. Liberty lies in smaller, less powerful government. If the benefit of a more powerful government is perceived to outweigh the possible harm, then you are simply a Statist and have have made the choice to be a subject, not a free citizen.

    That does not mean you vote for Republicans or conservatives. It just means you vote to restrict the power of every and all government and actively participate in groups which oppose the power of the state.

    This is really not complicated. Title of this piece should be : "Government for the people, by the state, for the state."

  2. What Is Atlantic Yards? A Complete Failure of Democracy.

  3. Real estate agents and brokers work to market and transfer both the property and the property's "bundle of rights".These are the rights people have in real estate they own - also called "private property rights".