Saturday, May 1, 2010

New York Times May 1, 2010 Op-Ed "Who Lives in Sheik Jarrah?"

May1, 2010

New York TimEditor
New York Times

Dear Editor

Re May 1, 2010 Op-Ed Who Lives in Sheik Jarrah?

There are loads of reasons too numerous to mention here, including those that P M Netanyahu gave in the very same speech the writer quoted a line from, to realize this tale, sad as it may appear to those unfamiliar with all the facts, is one sided propaganda. Unfortunately the Kalbian's lived in Jordan, a country which "argued" not with it's mouth or pen in law suits, but with guns, and attacked the new state in '48 and then again the established state in '67. The result was Jordan lost the war and failed to conquer all of Jerusalem which the U N gave to Israel in '48 and eventually in '67 lost both the war and the land they Jordan occupied. Of course too the writer conveniently never mentions the numerous Arab countries in which Jews lived, were forced out of, their properties taken, and the word compensation not found in their Arab dictionaries.