Sunday, February 20, 2011


1-Soon enough WSDT will become registered with the SEC and listed on an exchange and leave the category of basic Pink Sheet's investor neglect and emerge from the shadows of the marketplace  to a degree of notoriety which by itself  is a normal and usual catalyst for value.

Other value creating catalysts include:

2-WSDT is the only pure ETF play

3-WSDT is in the extremely rapidly growing ETF business and will be thus lend itself to explorers seking such a discovery, 

4-WSDT is likely to increase market share

5-WSDT  is finanically sound

6- WSDT will soon be reporting GAAP positive earnings

7-WSDT's AUM, the key driver of value are growing very fas, fasr=ter than the industry

8-WSDT's principal shareholder MIchael Steinhardt is a proven, successful, no nonsense money maker of historic proportion.

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