Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letter to Fred Wilpon, Owner of the New York Mets

Dear Fred:

Please sell the Mets baseball team franchise.

Here is why.

New York deserves a team that makes the rivalry with the Yankees mean something. New York deserves a first rate National League team to always be the favorite to meet the Yanks in the World Series.

What we have is a team ownership it that for whatever reasons unfortunately has proven itself incapable producing such a team. Management has proven unable or unwilling to buy the best players or of home growing them either; the two things our cross town rivals do and do very well. What you have given us in recent years and what we again have to look forward to having this upcoming season is a fourth rate, fourth place team.

How you could allow Philadelphia, a city that we who hail from the greatest city on earth know to be a suburb of Podunk eat our lunch and create a powerhouse baseball team that shows us its back and beats our rear ends is unbelievable.

You obviously can’t put your legal and financial troubles behind you. They have caused you to let us fans and New York City down by delivering to us the fourth rate Mets product you have. Moreover, you have tried to palm it off (unlike the Yankee management which btw embarrasses us to death) with the gesture of a brand new, inferior stadium, named, or rather we should say, bought, and fittingly so, by a near failure of a bank.

Please put us all out of our agony and sell the Mets Fred. Do the right thing please and we will give you our everlasting eternal thanks.

Incidentally, we were a N Y Giants baseball fan from birth 75 years ago until they moved west. Once they did and the Mets were born we became Mets fans. We have always viewed the Mets as successors to the “Jints.” Apparently, as we have learned, once you built Citifield, you view the Mets as successors to your love, the Brooklyn Dodgers and not the Giants. The Dodgers were our sworn enemy and were perennial also ran’s as you know. They weren’t called “The Bums” for “nuttin.” Now that you have successfully turned the Mets into “Dem Bums”, sell the team and let someone make them into the Giants ,who can take on the Yankees and beat the Phillies ass. Bring joy back to the “Mudville” you made Queens. Please!

Like you Fred I share having been Blue, that is a Michigan “Go Blue” (MBA 58) and as you were a fellow Deans Day Presenter (1987).



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