Monday, June 6, 2011

THE BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN: 90 Minute Documentary Film

Go see the film THE BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN "” . It is powerful and it does star my son Daniel. Wish he was just an actor and the film a fictional story. But this is unfortunately a real story of 7+ years, the misuse of Eminent Domain which brought great pain and misery to so very many. It is a story of how neither the NYC City Council nor NY State Legislature, the governing bodies of the people ever voted and all the promises made by Major Bloomberg, Governor Pataki, Bruce Ratner of Forest City or Senator Schumer saying things in support of the Atlantic Yards project will ever happen or be kept and how a neighborhood was demolished when nobody in it wanted or needed a basketball team or office buildings or luxury housing that will now not be built for years if ever. The area is one big parking lot today and there will only be a basketball arena and it won’t even be the one Frank Gehry designed. It is the story of how the powerful and politicians ran roughshod, hell bent on taking homes and businesses away from their owners in a really nice neighborhood and got away with it in court after court calling it blighted which it certainly is, today, after Bruce Ratner has made it such by demolishing it and it lays in ruins and rubble and parking lots where no one is even interested in parking or can park.

Tickets for June 17, 18, 19, go on sale for THE BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN -this week I'd guess at:

We will be going on Sat eve June 17 if you can make it; but by all means try and see it when and where it is convenient for you.

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  1. First off thanks for the headsup and the link. I'll be going today.