Monday, August 15, 2011

A Three Pronged Plan to help Warren Buffett and his friends who feel they have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress and it's time for or our government to get serious about shared sacrifice

My reaction to Warren Buffet writing in the New York Times Opinion Page yesterday NY Times "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich", August 14, 2011
was as follows.

The question which must be asked of Warren Buffettis this: if as you say, you and your super-rich friends who make and have so much money also feel coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress, and believe it’s time to get serious about shared sacrifice, what prevents you and them from sending a check to the U S Treasury which will true up your 17.4 percent Federal income tax rate to the 33 percent to 41 percent and average 36 percent of the other 20 people in your own company office, and what is preventing you and your super-mega-rich friends from not waiting any longer for Congress to raise your taxes and you sending them a check today or maybe tomorrow?

By the way when Mr. Buffet pledged to give all his personal wealth and his super-mega-rich friends pledged to give half of theirs to foundations and other charities, it must have occurred to him that he is denying the US Treasury collecting inheritance taxes that he advocates, and in death continue the super-mega-rich get extraordinary tax breaks while putting yet more pressure to pay taxes on those very people he cites as averaging tax payments of 36 percent, and on the very needy poor and middle class who as he also correctly points out fight for us in Afghanistan, while most Americans struggle to make ends meet.

1-Warren reminds me of a serial killer that sends a letter to the newspaper saying, "Please don't make me kill again."

2- If Warren wants to really pay more, then there is every reason for us to help him and enable him to feel less guilty.

3-Let's call his bluff!

Three Pronged Plan
First, maybe President Obama can tell him it is not illegal to pay more than the minimum income tax due.

Second, let's propose a special 10% tax on unrealized gains over $100 million.

Third, how about him giving his secretary a $1 million bonus? She will be happy to pay the taxes he feels guilty not paying.

Please send a copy this to Warren Buffett, his super-mega rich firiends he knows so well and who agreed to give half their net worth to charities and foundations and to President Obama and your Senators and your Congressman or woman and cc thed whole entire Congress

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