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Letter to the Editor New York Times

November 17, 2012
To the Editor:
The New York Times
“As Battlefield Changes, Israel Takes Tougher Approach” ( lead column headline on the front page of  The NY Times Nov 17, 2012 seems a misleading headline for the story which followed.

Space is devoted to Professors and Palestinians and others speak of Palestinian refugees yet you never mention the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees expelled from their homes in Arab lands. Where are the Jewish refugees and the Jewish refugee camps? We of course know there are none and for only one good reason; the State of Israel took them all in as citizens. Where are the compensation payments to the displaced Jews? When has any Arab, entity, state, or professor ever addressed this? What have the Arab countries done for their refugees, I mean aside from keeping them in camps for over 64 years and aside from attacking Israel and today letting Hamas in Gaza hurl rockets by the hundreds at them daily?

"As long as the crime of dispossession and refugeehood that was committed against the Palestinian people in 1947-48 is not redressed through a peaceful and just negotiation that satisfies the legitimate rights of both sides, we will continue to see enhancements in both the determination and the capabilities of Palestinian fighters — as has been the case since the 1930s, in fact,” Rami G. Khouri, a professor at the American University of Beirut, wrote in an online column. “Only stupid or ideologically maniacal Zionists fail to come to terms with this fact.”

What an outrageous quote by an antediluvian, ostrich-like, head in the sand, professor to intone in this article. What is its purpose New York Times editors? Moreover, what has it to do with "battlefield changes" or a "tougher approach" or the story the article headline and sub headline, I mean for other than purposeful gratuitous defamation of Zionists?

In any event what has any of this got to do with the Times lead article headline "As Battlefield Changes, Israel Takes Tougher Approach" and what is the news in the story?

It is stated that “Israel acknowledges that its dangerous world is growing more dangerous. Who among us has not felt this way for  years? Then you write: “For the country and most of its people, that means not concessions but toughness in pursuit of deterrence.”

Regarding growing more dangerous, need it be pointed out that Hamas in its charter (1) proclaims its dedication to eliminating the State of Israel and its leaders in Gaza state the same constantly. And why do you not acknowledge Israel has consistently stated for 64 years it wants peace not destruction of a people?

For the Times to also say Israel's conclusion is "not concessions" is unbelievable. Israel has not only given concessions -- how do you think Gaza became a Palestinian land; have you forgotten the Jews there were packed up, many forcibly, by the Israeli government and the keys handed to the Palestinians? -- and has continually offered to meet at the peace table if there is a party to negotiate with to discuss what all know must include concessions.

The Times should focus on facts not its opinions which it calls facts. The current bombing in Gaza is happening for one reason only; Israel had taken some 800 rocket strikes hurled from Gaza so far this year and hundreds more in recent days. This is the fact. Your conclusion seems to suggest otherwise..

It is interesting you throw in a quotation of Eitan Ben Eliyahu, a former leader of the Israeli Air Force who said “There is a theory, which I believe, that Hamas doesn’t want a peaceful solution and only wants to keep the conflict going forever until somehow in their dream they will have all of Israel. Theory? Really? Of course Israelis too can be as wrong as a Beirut professor. That Hamas is not interested in peace is fact not theory and demonstrated both by their rocket attacks and as noted above by their charter's words calling for the elimination of Israel.
(1) See Hamas charter

Lawrence J. Goldstein
President Santa Monica Partners - Founded 1982 - 

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