Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Restructure the United States of America

A Way to improve the lives of American citizens who want their lives improved and not improve the lives of those who do not want them improved or who want them improved in some peculiar way
By Lawrence J. Goldstein, July 25, 2013 & Updated February 1, 2017

As a professional investor and security analyst for 54 (58 years as of Feb. 2017) years I have learned to look beyond the financials and look at management's wants, needs, aims, goals and desires. Understanding these things count very importantly in both finding great companies and achieving investing success. Similarly I believe these things also account if our country is to succeed in the future. My understanding of the wants, needs, aims, goals and desires of what the American people want most leads me to conclude we need to restructure the United States of America.

I vividly recall, many years ago when I took my oldest son to college for the first time, meeting his roommate's father, who asked where I was from. When I answered New York he said "oh I live in New York too." He meant New York State I meant New York City. He lived in Syracuse, New York whereas I lived in New York, New York. As we began to converse I quickly realized how little our daily living had in common. The similarities between Syracuse and New York City are as different as day and night. We had no more in common than we would with the man in the moon. Clearly people from New York City have far more in common with people from London, Paris or Rome than they do with folks from upstate New York.

Likewise views and opinions and the wants, needs, aims, goals and desires of people in different regions of the United States. Politically we seem to divide and be identified as citizens of a red or blue state. Moreover, the polarization between the two has been becoming more and more extreme.

I believe we've come to the point where we can easily see that the country is far too big to be managed successfully. I have lived virtually my entire life in New York City and in its suburbs. I also lived in the Midwest in Ann Arbor Michigan when I was in graduate school, I've lived in San Antonio Texas when I was in the Army, I have traveled throughout the United States as well as Europe and in the Middle East. In each region it is obvious that people's views differ.

Today the views of Americans don't just differ. For example, it has become extremely difficult to find any common interests between Americans living in New York and the Northeast and Northwest and those living in Texas and the South. Americans residing in the former don't agree with Americans living in the latter …… on anything.
Let's be specific.

In New York it is virtually impossible to own or carry a handgun. In Texas it is easy and simple.

In New York there is zero interest or effort to restrict women’s reproductive rights. In Texas the situation is totally reversed.

Making it difficult to vote i. e. restricting voting rights is the highest priority in Texas. Immediately after the Supreme Court ruling last month which would allow photo-ID to be required to vote, the state implemented that requirement for voters. They claim it is a sovereign right. Today Texas is in an uproar over the Obama administration's decision to go to court to make Texas get federal approval before making changes to election laws which could block implementation of the state's new photo-ID requirement. New Yorkers wouldn't even dream of requiring photo-ID in order to vote.

Affordable healthcare for every American is strongly supported by New Yorkers. Boy are we different from Texas. In Texas Governor Rick Perry sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius telling her—in no uncertain terms—what she can do with Obamacare.

Neither New York nor Texas are alone in their respective views. Other states and other sections of the country stand solidly with one or the other. This is why I believe the United States needs to be restructured. We are too big and too divided with over 300 million people to be governed well under one government.
Those of us who would like to see the nation have single payer health insurance-- simply call it Medicare -- for one and all citizens, background checks and handgun registration, have no ban on abortions after 20 weeks, as Texas and 13 other states are now implementing and all citizens privileged (above 18) allowed to vote to exercise the right without any obstacle to be citizens of USA One and all those opposed to be citizens of USA Two. This would enable each of the two separate governments to govern with a full understanding of the wants, needs, aims, goals and desires of what the American people are about and to satisfy them.

Postscript: it is now February 1,2017 and Donald Trump has been in the White House for less than 2 weeks and he has already shaken the country upside down like never before in U S history. The country is split apart in its views of just about every single action of the very many he has taken in the past 13 days from his appointees to his nominees to his proclamations to his tactics which may not have a point.1
1 Trump and Trade: Extreme Tactics in Search of a Point


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